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We hope you will enjoy the portfolio of drawings and paintings of different subjects that embrace more than 30 years of working in Wildlife and latterly with the Military. Her Gallery of work also includes many other images that have been a source of inspiration throughout her career. 

Her early work and exhibitions were dominated by Wildlife and a commitment to conservation and it was this, in 1996, that took her 8,000 miles from home to the Falkland Islands to write and illustrate her first book 'The Falkland Islands an Artist's portfolio'. 

This in turn opened a new world and direction into the world of the Military. In the last twenty years Mandy has travelled to Bosnia, Kosovo, Brunei, Oman, and Iraq on commission, painting aircraft, ships old and new, and the working life of military personnel. 

She has also been involved in recording recent military history of active service in both Iraq and Afghanistan for all three services.

When not on commission Mandy operates as a guide taking wildlife tours mostly to Africa in support of Elephant conservation for DSWF and also to other areas of the world including the South Atlantic and Antarctica. 

These trips additionally provide an excellent opportunity to research new ideas and pursue her work to a new level.  




Mandy was born in 1960. Her Art education began with a foundation year at the Byamshaw, London, followed by three years at Brighton to complete an honours degree in Fine Art and Illustration. After her degree, she travelled to Africa to work in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

She gained valuable experience with a leading advertising agency in Harare during Independence, worked with a highly successful gallery in Johannesburg researching South African artists and managing to establish her own painting style at the same time. 

The trip culminated in her first solo show in Zimbabwe in 1980 and this set the pace for an exciting career ahead and a long established and continuing partnership with the Tryon Gallery, [now Rountree Tryon ] in London, for over 30 years.

She has most recently painted esteemed portraits of the Masters of Livery Companies, and Judges upon retirement at The Old Bailey. 

Her book ‘The Falkland Islands – an Artist's Portfolio’ was followed by substantial illustrative material for Flag Officer and Sea Training for the Royal Navy and by the commissioned book for HMS DARING. Her work also features in 'The Shoot Lunch' by J C Jeremy Hobson.

Her success has come from her open enthusiasm to paint all things with an expression in fine detail and this attention to accuracy is complimented by an interpretation of subject material which is unique to Mandy. The subject composition sets her apart from other wildlife and military painters.

Mandy lives near Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom.




Mandy is delighted to accept commissions for paintings of wildlife, military or other subjects. Have a look at the examples of her work exhibited in the gallery on this web site. 

The fee for any work is based on the complexity and size of the painting. All paintings are in oil/water based medium on stretch canvas or heavier hot-pressed watercolour paper or board. 

All drawings are pencil graphite or pen and ink. Framing can be arranged and is preferable for completion, presentation and protection of the work.

Additional costs may be incurred if Mandy has to travel to the location where the subject is kept. Please make any enquiries using the details or contact form below.




Mandy lives near Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom.

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